Review: Unforgettable by Melody Grace


“My dearest grand-daughter, Listen to your heart, believe in a brighter tomorrow, and always, always leave room for dessert.”

Noelle Olsen has never been impulsive, but when she inherits the old family bed and breakfast, she surprises everyone by quitting her corporate job and starting over in Beachwood Bay: the sleepy coastal town that’s home to old memories, new friends — and the one man she never saw coming.

Ash Callahan isn’t looking for love. He’s built his real-estate empire out of discipline, control, and cool logic — so why does one kiss from a carefree stranger send his world tilting off its axis?

Their connection is undeniable; the chemistry, impossible to ignore. But just as Noelle considers opening her heart again, the pair find themselves facing off over the town’s future — and their own. With so much as stake, will they find a way to bridge the divide, and build a love that’s unforgettable?


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Oh why cruel world does it have to end? I have loved everything about the Beachwood Bay series since the beginning and to see it through, this ending really did it justice. So allow me to start with the story first. Ash, well we have been hearing about him for some time now, he is the leader, the step up parent, the guide, and the control freak. It was nice to finally see him lose control. Ash and Noelle are very relate-able, everyone has, at some point or another, felt like they were in the wrong career and needed to change. I can also relate to Ash, struggling to find financial stability and balance all factors of life.

These characters are wonderful and to reach the end of the story and find out little tid-bits of each couple made my heart happy. It is so bittersweet to leave characters that have carved out a special place in my heart but knowing that they all have a happily-ever after makes it okay to move on. After reading all the Beachwood Bay books, I think the take away message is…if its really true love, you will find a way to make it work. Cheers to you, Melody Grace on an outstanding series and I can’t wait to read what you come up with next.


“It doesn’t matter what your intentions are, your actions are the only thing that last.”


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