Review: Wanderlust by Thea Dawson


“So much for destiny. This was more like fate’s idea of a practical joke.”

Monica Prescott, writer and world traveler, has everything she wants … except a man who’s free-spirited enough to join her for a life on the road. But when she bumps into Jason, the guy who broke her heart in college, she lets him think she’s engaged. It wouldn’t take much to fall for him again—and that’s one road she doesn’t want to go down.

Jason Moretti has a job he hates, and he’d like nothing better than to tell his boss to shove it. Then he runs into Monica, the girl he never got over. Thinking she’s settling down with a wealthy fiancé, he reinvents himself as an ambitious career man in a desperate bid to impress her.

Old feelings start to resurface, but Monica has trust issues and Jason doesn’t like risks. To top it off, Monica is leaving for Bangkok in two weeks—and she won’t be back anytime soon. Time is running out for them to come to terms with the past and embrace their wanderlust.


For lovers of a light romance, this book is right up your ally. For those who more so fancy the drama of New Adult, I would advise you to proceed with caution. Wanderlust is the story of Monica and Jason who once had love and are now re-finding it in the future. This was not a life-changer in terms of reading, it was light, quick, and easy on the eyes.

Monica and Jason fall in love in college and then life and dreams essentially tear them apart. Flash forward to the future and they run into each other in a coffee shop. Old feeling reappear and they both begin to believe this is there chance to love again or let it go for good. This book was just okay for me, it was an enjoyable read but I am not going to have a book hangover from it and to tell you the truth, I will probably forget about these characters half-way into my next read. As a debut novel for Thea Dawson, I would have liked to see some more drama and passion and I found myself skipping parts because it felt slightly dragged out. So a light read and definitely for contemporary romance readers.



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