Review: Zero Hour by Megan Erickson


Hacker extraordinaire Roarke Brennan lives each hour – each breath – to avenge his brother’s murder. His first move: put together a team of the best coders he knows. They’re all brilliant, specialized, and every one an epic pain in his ass. Only now Wren Lee wants in too, threatening to upset their delicate balance. The girl Roarke never allowed himself to want is all grown up with sexy confidence and a dark past … and she’s the wild card he can’t control.

Roarke might still think she’s a kid, but Wren’s been to hell and back. Nothing and nobody can stop her – especially the tatted-up, cocky-as-all-hell hacker. But when years of longing and chemistry collide, Wren and Roarke discover that revenge may be a dish best served blazing hot.


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Alright so I started off this book being very distant, I was not emotionally invested in these characters so I had a very meh feeling about it all. Then around 50% I can feel the edges of care creeping in but I continue lying to myself. Then 72% in was like a slap in the face and I was hooked, couldn’t put the Kindle down, on the edge of my seat dying to know what happens next. So while the story starts off slow, by the end be prepared to fall in love.

I fell hard for this rag-tag team of misfits and I am dying to know more. Dare I say that the ending left me with more questions than answers? Roarke, while he is your typical brooding male, he is also an air-tight mystery, no emotion in and no emotion out. There is an underlying current between him and Wren that becomes explosive. While their relationship felt a little rushed, I couldn’t help but jump aboard the ship train. What really makes this team is the hilarious banter between them! I loved Marisol’s burst of personality, the mystery that surrounded Dade, the silent heart of Jock, and the over-protectiveness of Erick. I hope they all get their own story and I am dying to know more about the elusive Maximus.

The story-line outside the romance was addictive. The seedy world of the Dark Web and the life these guys and gals live is not for the faint of heart. The real kicker through was that Megan was able to surprise me with not one but two plot twists. Usually I can see these things coming from a mile away but damn after each reveal I was left reeling. Okay lets be honest, the reveal at 72% I am still recovering from…I mean how dare she. I am still in shock and not happy about it. So kudos to Megan for that and I am looking forward to seeing what the next book in this series has in store.


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