Review: Waiting for April by Jaime Loren


April Fletcher has died nineteen times… but she doesn’t know it.

As far as April is concerned, she’s just a normal seventeen-year-old, looking forward to spending spring break with her friends and going to college in the fall. April doesn’t know she has never lived past her eighteenth birthday, nor does she realize that Scott Parker, her best friend, is actually her childhood sweetheart and fiancé from her very first life.

For nineteen-year-old Scott Parker, spending quality time with his soul mate has proved difficult ever since her tragic death in 1729. Since then he has lost her an additional eighteen times—each of her deaths more devastating than the last, and each of her births wiping the slate of her memory clean. Unable to save her but unwilling to give up, Scott has to hide the fact he’s immortal—and will be until April confesses her love again.

But this time, things have changed. April has denied her feelings for him, is dating someone else, and with her eighteenth birthday fast approaching, their friendship is falling to pieces. Fearing their souls are irrevocably drifting apart, Scott must race against the clock to win her heart and save her life.

Or risk losing her forever.


This book…I don’t even know where to start because I have so many feelings! This was a great, refreshing, unique paranormal read. Its not your average read about wolves, vampires, gods, keepers, angels, demons, etc that plague the paranormal genre today. Waiting for April was the tale about immortality and reincarnation. It was the story of how true love endures, no matter the hardships it faces. Scott sits, waits, and contemplates how to win April over in every lifetime. April falls head over heels in love with Scott in lifetime.

The story is truly heartbreaking and the ending tears me apart. I have so many unanswered questions, there were twists, turns, and complete deception and my heart was shattering, I was on the verge of tears and then it just ended. What happened to Henry? What about Scott? Will they ever find their happiness? What about Tom? What about the others? Thankfully, this will be part of a trilogy, and hopefully I won’t have to wait terribly long to dive into the next book. If you are a fan of time travel, this book is absolutely a must read!



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