Review: Stained by MJ Fields


After nearly sixteen years in hell, Maddox finally rises from the ashes. Held captive since birth he never knew normal until the day he watched as two men opened fire on the place he had merely existing since birth. He watched as the woman who visited sporadically throughout his life, a woman he later found out was his mother, as shot dead as he was dragged into the back of a black car by Brody Hines, British Rock Star. Brody’s own twisted past brought him to discover a son he never knew existed..

As a child Maddox took comfort in reading. It was his escape. His only glimpse at what life and love could be. The world he entered was something he could have never imagined. It was full of beauty and madness, yet still overflowing with hope and love.

Maddox Hines is a beautiful young man who was labeled by his school, and the world as emotionally disturbed, having Stockholm syndrome, separation anxiety and possibly being bipolar. His loving family knows better.

In part one of Stained, we watch as Maddox tries to do the right thing only to be beaten down by the true dregs of societies. Provoked, taunted, and his past exposed, Maddox lashes out the only way he knows how, physically

In part two, Maddox must flee the country to avoid being arrested, separating the family he loves. Returning to England, bringing his nightmares even closer to him. Maddox tries in vain throughout the next three years to accept the repeated loss of Harper Abrahams. His one true friend, his first kiss, his secret muse, and the girl who held his heart from the very first time he saw her. He pushes her away knowing she deserves better, that he is not good enough for her, and that he could never be.

Nothing can stop his desire for her, his need for her, and when he cannot take it anymore he brings her back into his life only to realize she is no longer his and his alone. Maddox falls into the only comfort and escape he knows now, sex, drugs, and rock and roll. Maddox becomes his own worst enemy as he pushes away his new life bringing back the past.


This book was like a yo-yo for me, my emotions were up and down and all around. There were moments that I absolutely loved and adored this book and moments when I didn’t want to keep reading because I hated the book. Lets start with the plot, I absolutely adore the plot and concept, it is unique and refreshing to what I am used to reading. The book kept me asking and wondering what was going to happen next.

I wanted to know everything there is to know about Maddox, he captivated me and intoxicated me. I wanted to learn about him, comfort him, be a support to him. Harper, she is the definition of a good-girl, and she is exactly what this book needed. The things I didn’t like were that alot of characters were introduced in a short period of time, and I got lost in the names. Whose parents are whose? Who slept with who, who is dating who? You get the idea. This is mostly because the author doesn’t just focus on Maddox and Harper, but their parents and numerous secondary characters that I eventually fell in love with.

There is also a large deal of description, the author is practically painting the picture in your mind. This is lovely but sometimes I am like lets get back to the story. I am in the middle of Forged right now which is the follow up novel to this one. I hope the twists, turns, and giggles keep coming!

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