The Valentine’s Day Book Tag

I got tagged by Stephanie at No BS Book Reviews to participate in the Valentine’s Day Book Tag, this weekend was absolute madness but I figured better late than never.


Standalone Book You Love

Where One Goes

This book is an absolute emotionally gut me and piece me back together read. It was an amazing story of finding love where you least expect it and learning how to heal from the curve balls life throws your way. I get chills just thinking about this story!

Dystopian Book You Love


I am probably alone in alot of these because I really like the indie-community and try to support as many as possible. AE Watson/Tara Brown is one of my all time favorite authors and the Born Trilogy is no exception. From a unique take on the storyline, to a captivating conclusion, I binged this series in 48 hours…including all the novellas. It’s an amazing story with one kick-*ss heroine.

A Book You Love But No One Else Talks About

Sometimes Never

This book is everything…I MEAN EVERYTHING! I first stumbled upon this book when I was in a really rough patch of my life and this book helped me heal. This book was my light in a dark place and for that I will be eternally grateful for it and for Cheryl McIntyre. Seriously, she is freakin amazing as is this story!

Favorite Book Couple

The Collectors' Society

Alice and Finn for life!!!!!! Seriously, I am dying to get my hands on the final book in this series just because the third left off on this epic cliffhanger and I need to know if Alice and Finn get an HEA!! To the point where I told Heather I will fly to Cali and wait for her to write me that HEA if she trolls me and gives it to the White Knight. This series is everything you wanted on a fairy-tale retake!

Book That Other People Love But You Haven’t Gotten Around to Reading


Someday…I think I really need to be vibing this type of book for me to truly get into it…and you know have a lot of free time because I would then have to binge the series, but I hear nothing but wonderful things about it.

A Book With Red on the Cover


Love that southern charm.

A Book With Pink on the Cover


Damn, this book was amazing. I am still thinking about it and I read it in December, and it doesn’t come out till April. Do yourself a favor and pre-order it.

You Were Given a Box of Chocolate, What Fictional Boyfriend Would Have Given Them to You?


Nixon…duh. But inside the box would be a gun and we would go to the shooting range so I could learn to shoot because this is the mafia and that how he rolls.

You are in a Bookstore, All of a Sudden You Get Shot with an Arrow by Cupid, What New Release will You Love?

Walk the Edge

This technically isn’t out yet, but all the grabby hands!!!! I am dying to start this book and I know Katie McGarry will crush it and I have been hearing wonderful things about it.

Thanks for the tag Steph!

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