Review: Two Thousand Miles by Jennifer Davis

SYNOPSIS:Two Thousand Miles

A tragic event forces seventeen-year-old Kat Parker to move two thousand miles away from her cushy life in Malibu, California, to a simpler one in Slidell, Louisiana, which she surprisingly adjusts to better than she imagined. Kat chooses to keep the reason she’s in Slidell a secret from the boy she can’t help but fall for, the beautiful Mason Dugas, and the Broussard’s—the family who has taken her in. When Kat’s secret is revealed and she’s suddenly summoned back to Malibu, she’s afraid she may never get to come back to them, as the shocking truths about the tragedy are revealed.


Confession time, this book has been on my to-read list for quite some time. I have been on the fence about it but I finally decided to give it a solid chance. I was not disappointed! This book has everything I wanted and more. I loved the stark contrasts in lifestyles and living arrangements. I loved how I was wondering what the heck Kat was doing in Slidell for around 75% of the book and when the secret is revealed my jaw was dropped. The last 10% of the book, I had to finish ASAP, what was going to happen, how was this going to end, and what about Mason?! It was good, so very good, the twist was hinted at but how everything plays out had me smiling at the very end.

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